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Family Connection of Columbia County, Inc.

Family Connection of Columbia County, Inc.

Be a part of helping youth succeed! Imagine … a youth with a speech impediment gets bullied at school, but in CCCC’s afterschool program gains confidence and friends. His grades improve and he is elected by his peers as student council president. A teen takes credit recovery classes in our afterschool program and is paired with a staffer who helps him get a part-time job and encourages his progress. He goes on to graduate with his class, becoming the first in his family to finish high school. He is now in the National Guard and attending community college. A youth, whose mom was a drug addict and dad was incarcerated, attends our afterschool program after spending time in a juvenile detention center. At 13, she goes out with grown men. She learns to value herself and completes high school without having a child. Today, she is a budding professional photographer. These real young people come from a small, rural area with few opportunities. But those who participate in CCCC’s programs are succeeding and going above and beyond what is expected. They find their passion and purpose in youth-centered programs that set high standards while providing support and encouragement. Six years ago, Harlem High School had a graduation rate of 59%. CCCC’s afterschool program helped propel the rate to 84% in 2013. CCCC uses a strengths-based approach, infusing in youth the skills they need to be productive, caring citizens giving back to their community. CCCC’s passion is helping youth succeed!

By The Know Zone - Harlem High School Afterschool Project
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